Dear delegates, The poster presentation sections of the 15th BMOS will occurs in two ocasions: on november 11th,  will be presented only the odd poster numbers and on november 13th will be presented only the even poster numbers. To see the order of the poster presentation, click here

Welcome to the 15th BMOS - Brazilian Meeting on Organic Synthesis

The organizing committee of the 15th Brazilian Meeting on Organic Synthesis wish to invite you to take part in this exciting meeting which will bring together the Brazilian Organic Synthesis community, distinguished  lecturers and colleagues from all over the world to discuss the most modern aspects of the art of organic synthesis. The conference will be held at Campos do Jordão from november 10th to november 13th.

Organizing Committee

Special issue of Tetrahedron in commemoration of 30 years of BMOS
"Applied Organic Synthesis in Action: Strategies and Process Development"